Osmosis uses a holistic approach but is rooted in science as it is formulated by Doctor Ben Johnson. Osmosis is an internationally renowned skin care brand that is making huge headway in London using a non inflammatory approach to treating the skin at the source.


Osmosis Holistic Consultation 

45mins Complimentary

Our advanced Holistic skin therapists will listen to your needs during this in-depth consultation of your skin, body and soul. Depending on our analysis we will best advise you on the next steps to take for total skin and wellbeing health. This is part consult, part topical analysis including an Osmosis skin prep treatment.


The Osmosis Prescription Facial

50mins  |  €60

Th is treatment is tailored for you and ideal for more blemish prone, oily and sensitive skin




This ‘no needle alternative to microneedling’ offers immediate and long-lasting results with our non-invasive device, RevitaPen, to enhance product absorption and drive active ingredients into the skin for optimal skin restoration. Stimulates circulation, softens fine lines, reduces scarring, improves hydration levels and controls breakouts.


Osmosis Holistic Medi Facial (.05% vitamin A)

60mins  |  €85

+RevitaPen  €35

Using ancient Chinese massage techniques, the Osmosis Holistic Medi-facial incorporates active ingredients while working in harmony with your skin and body. Depending on your energy levels, we will use stimulating or calming massage movements. Creating balance in the body and healing in the skin. By performing a four-point analysis of body temperature, energy levels, skin appearance and, condition, we can create a customized treatment. For all-skin types.


Vitamin A Infusion Peel

45mins  |  €95

The first non-acid peel in the skin industry using 1%, 1.5%, 2% or 2.5% Vitamin A and customised ‘powder actives’. This powerhouse focuses on boosting Collagen, Elastin and regenerating new skin cells for 30 days while balancing all of your skin concerns.


€10 off next facial within 4 weeks of last treatment


The Revita Pen Facial Infusion

60mins  |  €120

Enhance your Vitamin A Infusion by adding this ‘no needle alternative to micro needling’ which offers immediate and long-lasting results by enhancing product absorption and driving active ingredients into the skin. The Revita Pen gently exfoliates while increasing hydration, softening lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture and increased circulation.


The Osmosis Drenched in Hydration

60mins  |  €80

An intensive hydrating booster facial ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin. It is also deeply relaxing made so by our heated beds, heated pads and our gorgeous music.


The Osmosis Power Peel

30mins  |  €50

This power peel will brighten a dull and tired complexion, perfect for this time of the year as we transition seasons.


The Ultimate Power Peel

45mins | €80

This cocktail enhances the absorption of the Power Peel ingredients for longer lasting results. (Includes Revita Pen)


Osmosis Mens Face Detox Treatment

50mins | €60

An essential facial treatment to boost and detoxify the skin, combining relaxation and results for more resilient skin and an impeccable complexion.


Skin Gym

Start your skin overhaul for your wedding or important event in your life with our Osmosis Skin Specialists to include home care, lifestyle and internal wellness recommendations. Personalised packages available.


Facial Enhancements




Revita Pen



Hands & Feet

File & Polish



Mini Manicure

30mins  |  €20

Includes cuticle work and nail shape with a nail colour of choice


Simplicité Signature Manicure

45mins  |  €45

A gentle exfoliation, massage, hydrating mask, heated towels and cuticle work with a colour of choice


Nailtiques Deluxe Manicure

45mins | €50

Includes cuticle work, nail shape, specially formulated protein treatment and heated mitts


Gelish Hands

30mins  |  €30

Includes cuticle work and nail shape with colour of choice


Gel Extensions

90 mins | €60


Gel Refills

90 mins | from €45


Gel Extensions Removal

30 mins | €25


Extensions Removal & Mini Mani

60 mins | €40


Mini Pedicure

30mins  |  €20

Includes cuticle work, nail shape and paint of polish.


Simplicité Signature Pedicure

50mins  |  €55

Full pedicure including soak, cuticle work, nail shape, exfoliation, dead skin removal, hot towels and paint of polish


Deluxe Signature Pedicure

75mins  |  €70

Full pedicure including soak, cuticle work, nail shape, exfoliation, dead skin removal, heated botties, relaxing foot and leg massage, collagen socks and paint of polish


Gelish Feet

30mins  |  €30

Includes cuticle work, nail shape, and colour of choice



Add Gelish



Gelish Removal


Free removal when reapplying on same day


French Polish






Extensions Nail Fix




Brow Shape



Brow Tint



Brow Shape & Tint



Lash Tint



Brow Shape, Tint, and Eyelash Tint



Henna Brows



Hi Brows




Threading 2 Areas



Full Face



Brow Threading



Lip Thread



Perrin Rigot Waxing

Eye Brow – €12

Lip – €12

Chin – €10

Lip & Chin €22

Sides of Face – €16

Full Face – €35

Underarm €15

Forearm –  €20

Back –  €30

Half Leg – €25

Full Leg – €40

Full Leg including Bikini – €45

3/4 leg – €35

Bikini – €15

Californian – €30

Brazilian – €45

Hollywood – €50

Full Leg & Californian – €60

Full Leg & Brazilian – €70

Full Leg & Hollywood – €75

Men’s Waxing

Chest – €40

Back – €50

Abdomen €35

Any 2 areas – €70


*24 hour patch test required for tint and wax treatments